The aforementioned home (new construction - 3 bed, 3 ba, 2900 sqft) could rent for approximately - $2,500/month

Do you need to rent right now but really want a home in a couple of years?  

Rent options have you frustrated? 

Tired of uncertain rent increases? 

There is more than one path to homeownership.  Our partnership with Home Partners of America provides residents with a unique option to obtaining homeownership.   The program allows residents to shop the real estate market for homes for sale, ranging between $150K and $450K. 

If the home qualifies, Home Partners will pay cash and rent the home 1-5 years (rent is fixed), allowing the resident time to get finances in order so they can purchase the home back from Home Partners.  

To learn more about this program and requirements, call us at 615-890-8053 or 615-893-1130, ask to speak with The Results Team.